StepView is a CAD-Viewer and Converter for Viewing, Measure, Animation and Mesh Simplification

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StepView is a CAD Viewer and Converter with many Features:
  • Import CAD-Assemblies: STEP-Format
  • Import STL, OBJ, DXF, 3DS
  • Export to OBJ with any losing of the Assembly-Colors
  • Export Meshes to STL, 3DS or DXF
  • Measure of Parts, Surfaces, Edges, Nodes
  • Polygon-Reducer for Mesh Simplifications
  • Animations of STEP-Assemblies
  • Selection-Modus for Assemblies, Edges, Nodes
  • Language in German and Englisch

           Single User License StepView 99€
              Download a Free Demo

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